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The Wool Guild was created to bring fibre-loving folk together. Whether you are a farmer, processor, spinner, weaver, knitter, fibre artist or have anything to do with the wool industry, we believe that we can all benefit from each others knowledge. Wool is a wonderful resource that is the perfect antidote to ‘fast fashion’ and it’s our hope to see the Canadian wool industry grow.  That starts with supporting our local producers who care deeply for their animals and the fibre they produce. It’s our aim to connect producers and consumers, spark new ideas, make collaborations, and work towards a sustainable future.
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Field to Fashion
We made a short documentary for TVO’s contest that is all about our beloved local wool!
“Field to Fashion is a film that captures the grassroots efforts of the small, but growing, fibre community in Ontario to push the local and sustainable movement beyond just food. Wool in Ontario is an underappreciated commodity that hasn’t yet reached its full potential. Yet there is a developing groundswell amongst people interested in what they’re wearing and where it comes from. This short doc captures footage and interviews with people from every aspect of production: farmer, mill operator, weaver, and fashion designer. Our hope is that it inspires people to learn more about their local agricultural and textile industries.”

On April 20, 2017 we won 2nd place and People’s Choice Award! We are so grateful to our amazing fibre community for all the support! THANK YOU! Watch for it on TVO channel in the near future.

Listen to Our
Woolcast is a journey of discovery and a story of local wool. We chat with farmers, makers, artists, and wool-loving people to learn more about the Canadian Wool industry. Every week we bring you interesting conversations and learn something new. If you have any suggestions for the podcast, or if there is someone you would like to include in a conversation, please let us know.
Meet Our
As we discover local fibre producers, processors, dyers, artists, and other wool enthusiasts we’ll be adding them to the growing list of Wool Friends. Our goal is to create a directory of fibre-folk who are as obsessed about wool as we are. These are the people and companies who care about local production, sustainability, and bringing awareness to the wool we all love. If you know of someone who belongs on the list please let us know.
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