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Meet Fibre-loving Folk

Ontario guilds

If you are looking to join a group of like-minded people who love working with their hands and appreciate wool, here is a list of weaving, spinning, and knitting guilds. The guild members represent a vast amount of knowledge and skill and are more than willing to teach newcomers the craft.


Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers

Located at Riverdale farm, and meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month. 201 Winchester Street, Toronto, ON.


Etobicoke HandWeavers and Spinners Guild

Located at Nelson Park Creative Centre, and meets every 1st Tuesday of the month. 56 Neilson Dr, Etobicoke, ON


Burr House Spinners & weavers Guild

Located at the Guild Hall and meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month. 530 Carrville Road, Richmond Hill, ON


Mississauga Handweavers and Spinners Guild

Meets at Mississauga Central Library every 4th Monday of the month. 301 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga, ON


Guelph Guild of Handweavers & Spinners

Meet at Kortright Presbyterian Church, every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. 55 Devere Drive, Guelph, ON


Kitchener-Waterloo Weavers & Spinners Guild

Meetings are held at KWWS Studio every 1st Wednesday of the month. 161 Stirling Ave S, Kitchener, ON


Burlington Handweavers & Spinners Guild

Located at Art Gallery of Burlington and meets every 1st Wednesday of the month. 1333 Lakeshore Road, Burlington


Ontario Handweavers and Spinners

OHS has a detailed list of all the participating guilds in Ontario as well as other resources for weavers and spinners


Toronto Knitters Guild

Meets at Innis Town Hall, UofT, every 3rd Wednesday of the month. 2 Sussex Avenue, Toronto, ON


Kitchener - Waterloo Knitters Guild

Meets at First United Church, every 2nd Tuesday of the month. 16 William Street West
Waterloo, ON


Ottawa Knitting Guild

Meets at Woodroffe United Church, usually every 3rd Monday of the month, but check the schedule. 207 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, ON


Oakville Knitters and Crocheters Association

Meets at Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre, every 1st Tuesday of the month. 2302 Bridge Rd, Oakville, ON

Ontario producers, processors, and wool loving folk

Upper Canada - dark
Discover and Support
Upper Canada Fibreshed

Upper Canada Fibreshed wants to bring fibre, art, and craft, back into the limelight. In so many ways the fibres we use are the daily connection we have to the land. The previous generation knew that and so should the next generation.  The program’s focus is on education and outreach to our community regarding the benefits of supporting a Fibreshed, including: carbon sequestration, wildlife conservation habitat preservation, and  economic development.

Wool related research
Dr. Nicole Klenk

Nicole is an assistant professor of Environmental Science at the University of Toronto. Her current research focuses on opportunities to diversify wool production and marketing. This involves assessment of the Ontario wool industry,  developing communication streams within the supply chain, identifying the challenges and opportunities connecting farmers with consumers in urban areas, stimulating the diversification of sheep product income, and preserving the cultural landscape and the vitality of Ontario’s rural areas.

Nicole is an avid spinner, knitter, and weaver and can be found at many local wool related gatherings.

Breed-specific local yarn
Canadian Ewe

“We started Canadian Ewe because we love wool. When we learned that 90% of Canadian fleece is exported, processed, manufactured and then sold back to us; we knew we had to do something.

We want to celebrate and honour our rich wool heritage by reconnecting crafters with breed specific yarns and help support our farmers.”

Carla and Christina

Local farm
Linc Farm

“Our main goal at Linc Farm is to connect people with their food AND their clothing. We aim to raise our animals as humanely and sustainably as possible. To that end, our farm is certified organic, our sheep and lamb are 100% grass fed, and our free ranging pigs are fed as much from neighbouring farms and businesses as possible.”

Juliet and Martin

Local Farm
The Gaynor Homestead

“The home of the Gaynor Family and our farm in beautiful southwestern Ontario. We are permaculture enthusiasts and produce an annual batch of hand made and grown goods following simple, small, and slow processes. We are a registered Ontario sheep producer and grower of high quality fleece, combed tops, and yarn from our flock of well-loved Rambouillets (French Merino).”

Tara and Brendan

Local farm
Circle R Livestock

“We live and breath farming and spend lots of time in the barn looking after all the animals, growing crops and managing our operation. Animal welfare is our biggest core value. A huge commitment to animal health, care and environment gives our animals the opportunity to be productive creatures. We grow most of the feed that animals eat and manage our land in an environmentally sustainable way. Healthy soils = quality crops = quality feeds = healthy sheep. “

Ryan and Romy

Local farm
Dover Farm

“Dover Farm is home to the largest, registered flock of high percentage Gotlands in Canada.  We work closely with the American Gotland Sheep Society, to breed Gotlands that are true to type, and produce the beautiful, lustrous fibre that the breed is well known for.  We also have a flock of registered purebred Finnsheep.  Our goal with the Finns, is to produce fine fleeces in browns, greys, black and white.
Our fleeces are known for their quality, cleanliness and heavy skirting; providing fibre enthusiasts with a great product. ”

John and Veronica

Local farm & Mill
Rampart Farm & Wool Mill

“Rampart Farm & Wool Mill is a small, family owned, mixed farm & wool processing plant. The place is home to a number of Jersey cows, Saanen goats, laying hens, Icelandic, Shetland, Bluefaced Leicester, Finn, Gotland & Romney sheep. Our commitment is to grow crops & raise livestock naturally.”

Lidija DeAngelis

Local farm
Shepherd’s Hill Farm
“Shepherd’s Hill was started in 1997 as a birthday gift of a Corriedale ewe and her two lambs, to one of our children.  The flock has since grown to 30 adults, consisting of mainly longwool breeds.  These include Romney, Blue-face Leicesters, and Border Leicesters. Our aim is to produce clean, lustrous, easy to spin fleeces, as well as roving and yarns in an ethical and sustainable manner. Our efforts have been recognized both locally and at the Royal Winter Fair.”

Grace Clare

Local farm
Amazing Graze Alpacas

“Canadian Alpacas! Canadian Alpaca Products!
We’ve been breeding and fibre farming with our award winning alpacas since 2003.
Our annual clip is carefully sorted and graded and then sent to several Canadian mills for processing to our specifications. Product lines include beautifully handcrafted accessories as well as exquisite yarns, luscious rovings, and fabulous felt.
We’re available by appointment or at farm open days. “


Local farm
Thistle Dew Farm
“At Thistle Dew Farm we have a small flock of sheep with lovely fleeces and Satin Angora rabbits with soft lustrous fibre. The sheep are a combination of Corriedale, Blue Faced Leicester, Border Leicester and Romney. I have recently added some Polwarth to breed for a finer crimp and softness. I rotational graze the sheep throughout the fields on our 150 acre farm and I work hard to keep their fleeces very clean.

The Angora rabbits are plucked about every six months, when they naturally shed. This produces a beautiful “Prime Plucked” Fibre carefully laid out in one direction for your spinning pleasure. I have had some great feed back on recently sold fleeces which makes the whole effort most rewarding. Thank you!”

Wendy Pullan

Thistle Dew Farm
Shannonville, Ontario
613 396-5317
Local farm
Pine Hollow Farm

” Pine Hollow Farm was established as a family farm in 1982. Pursuing an interest in hand-spinning, the Angora goats arrived in 1987 and purebred, registered Rambouillet sheep arrived in 1988. Unfortunately at the time, there were no mills in Canada who could process the fine wool.

I began a cross breeding program using three purebred sheep, to develop a specific fibre and breed type. After extensive selection, I named my sheep Norbouillet. Pine Hollow Farm is the exclusive producer of this breeding stock. The Norbouillet sheep produce many natural colours including cream, browns, greys and black. Blending the wool with mohair enhances the properties of both. The rovings and yarn blends use different percentages of these two natural fibres.

The fibre is available in washed locks, rovings and yarn, both hand dyed and naturally coloured through Mostly Mohair. The farm occasionally supplies bulk raw wool orders to other farmers, processors, or shops who wish to have an Ontario grown product. “

Allison Brown